Van Zile Travel’s Top 20 Destinations for 2020

Check out Van Zile Travel’s top 20 destinations for you to visit in 2020! You’ve heard what travel vloggers say, you have read what the magazines say, but what does a travel agency say? Find out below!

1. Australia

From Sydney to Melbourne and everywhere in between, you’ll never see more beauty and diversity.

2. Ireland

“Beautiful country and such friendly people” – Michelle Arney, Van Zile Travel

3. Iceland

Moss covered hills, pristine lakes, and clear blue skies are just a few of the many photo-ops you will get on your next trip to Iceland.

4. Galapagos

Nature, nature, nature! The Galapagos are a great place to experience unique flora and fauna.

5. Sicily

A great spot for couples in the summertime. Try going during yacht week!

6. British Virgin Islands

“One of the best times to experience the British Virgin Islands is the annual Food Fete.” – Meagan Drillinger, Travel Weekly

7. Norway

“Such a beautiful country!  The fjords, mountains, and coastal towns are spectacular!” – Anne Michelle Popeck, Van Zile Travel

8. Bali

View incredibly beautiful waterfalls in a place where you can really stretch your budget.

9. Colorado Springs

“Must stay at the Broadmoor! So much to do on property and food is top notch.” – Michelle Arney, Van Zile Travel

10. Sweden

“Another pretty Scandinavian country with friendly people and wonderful food!” – Anne Michelle Popeck, Van Zile Travel

11. Bahamas

“LOVE this Island!! Great resorts and the Baha Mar area is fantastic!” – Michelle Arney, Van Zile Travel

12. Salzburg

“Its Baroque architecture is amazing, also known as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – and the Sacher Torte is amazing!” – Kathy Lazzaro, Van Zile Travel

13. Egypt

“An experience not to be missed! The history, pyramids, and sailing the Nile are amazing!” – Anne Michelle Popeck, Van Zile Travel

14. Peru

Be sure to check out the incredible food, charming cities, and awe-inspiring natural and historic wonders.

15. Greenland

See the northern lights in one of the safest countries on earth.

16. Israel

Not only does the airport boast the 4th best art of airports worldwide, Israel is a great place to experience food, culture, and SCUBA diving!

17. Richmond, British Colombia

A foodie’s dream! Check out the dumpling trail.

18. Krakow

“My clients love the history of this city. I especially recommend a tour of the salt mines!” – Jacky Blackledge, Van Zile Travel

19. Patagonia

Be sure to check out Los Glaciares National Park to experience the most beautiful mountains and lakes you will ever see!

20. Slovakia

“I would pick Slovakia hands down.  It is remarkable. History, architecture, scenic and very friendly people.” – Nes Rideout, Van Zile Travel

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Written by Carol Gabbert, Van Zile Travel

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