Stop… Freeze… this is a TECH QUICK CHECK!

Every day new ways are discovered to keep our valuable technology safe while traveling. The number of travelers who leave laptops in bins at airport security is higher than it should be, and if you do not see TSA PreCheck in your future (so that you can leave your laptop in your bag), here are three measures you can take to ensure your precious tech makes it back to you if it is lost.

Stick your business card everywhere you can

Tape it to the bottom of your laptops or tablets. Pop it into the back of your clear cell phone case. No business card? Make your own return address labels with your email address instead. Stick it to your ear bud cases and battery packs too! Since you can pop onto your email from anywhere in the world, it might be a good idea to share your email address instead of a phone number or address. You may get your lost item quicker! I even write my email address on my luggage tags.

Make your phone easy to identify

If you don’t want to put a sticker on your phone case or you don’t have a clear case to stick a business card in, try this instead. Create a background image with your contact information on it. You can either design your own background on a free design platform like Canva, or you can simply take a picture of your business card. That way, if you lose your phone and a Good Samaritan finds it, they can then find you without needing to unlock your phone.

Be aware of your surroundings

Always, always, always, be aware of your surroundings. Even at airport security, you don’t want to have your head in the clouds and forget anything in a bin. If you do end up losing something at airport security, contact TSA lost and found who will be able to tag the item for you and put it in secure storage. It is a good idea to be well rested and alert on travel days, so get a good night’s sleep, stay hydrated, and eat a balanced breakfast.

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Written by Carol Gabbert, Van Zile Travel

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