How a Luggage Tag SAVED a Vacation

If you are already a Van Zile Travel client, you know that when you travel with us we provide you with a neon green Van Zile Travel luggage tag for your use on your vacation. Luggage tags are quite a popular souvenir. Easily accumulated from hotels, airlines, new luggage purchases, or the occasional travel-themed bridal shower, many people may find themselves with more than one option when it comes time to pick one to accompany you and your suitcase on your adventures. Here is why you should pick ours.

On the morning of Wednesday, October 9th, 2019 the Van Zile Travel office opened to a peculiar email in our inbox. It is not every day that a travel agency receives an email from the Autobahn Police in Germany! Don’t worry, it was good news! Joerg was emailing us to let us know that he had found a suitcase on the side of the Autobahn highway with a bright green luggage tag that said “Van Zile Travel Service” with the traveler’s name, address, and phone number. He figured that since the traveler was from Rochester and in Germany that he was currently on vacation and might not have access to the phone number on the tag. So, he contacted us instead.

We contacted the travelers right away. They responded almost immediately and we passed along the information of where to go to pick up the bag. It was the very first day of their vacation.

If it had been any other luggage tag, the officer would not have known to contact Van Zile Travel and the traveler may not have known the whereabouts of his luggage until he returned home. With the amount of robo-calls and solicitor calls one gets these days, a call to the traveler directly could have easily gone ignored. An answered call could have faced its own struggles like language barriers or difficulties with directions. A simple email allowed any necessary translation services to work their magic and an email to our travel agency ensured a response.

Losing your luggage on a vacation can be a nightmare. You may find yourself in the position of needing to buy a new suitcase, new clothes, new electronics, new toiletries, new shoes, you name it. Travel insurance can help protect you from these costs coming out of your own pocket, but it cannot protect you from the hassle.

This two year old tag fell from a moving vehicle on a highway with no speed limit, survived, and made its way back to its owner the same day. This proves that not only are our luggage tags durable, they are also lucky!

Lessons Learned:

  1. Write your email address on your luggage tag. This way you can be contacted no matter where you are in the world. Neither you nor the good Samaritan contacting you need to worry about making an international call. If you don’t speak the same language this person can use an online translator before they send their message or you can use an online translator if you receive a message in another language.
  2. Use a Van Zile Travel luggage tag. If the finder of your luggage can’t get in contact with you, there is a backup.
  3. Joerg should be the Autobahn Police Officer of the Month

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Written by Carol Gabbert, Van Zile Travel

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