Best Destinations for Best Friends

In honor of the International Day of Friendship, which was Tuesday, July 30th 2019, we took the time to compile some of VZT’s favorite destinations to visit with your friends. Whether you can get right up and go, have to bribe grandma and grandpa into babysitting, or need to ask your neighbor to pop over and feed your fish, here are some travel ideas for friends of all ages!

A Caribbean Cruise or All-inclusive Resort

Spend time in the sun and participate in fun excursions and inclusions all while watching your budget.


Visit Napa and taste delicious wine, or visit LA end experience amazing restaurants, art, and nightlife.


Do you like music? Austin has plenty of music festivals and experiences for you to choose from.


Charleston is a charming, historic city that is full of new and fun things to do!


Check “see the northern lights” off your bucket list.


Unlike any other city, Tokyo will get your wheels turning with art, games, and technology.

Great Britain

There is more to this area than London! Undiscovered areas can be a great place for photographers and nature lovers.

To learn more about any of these destinations or to discuss other destinations for your next friends trip, contact Van Zile Travel at 585-244-8300 or email our vacation coordinator, Julie, at!

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