Wanna Know About Mana?

We know that ohana means family, but what is mana? That sudden urge to dance, that desire to apply for a job that might be just out of reach, or that need to make one choice over another… these could be caused by mana. The concept of mana began in the beautiful area of Polynesia. It is said to be the supernatural force all around us that connects plants, animals, spirits, and energy. You might even call it a “vibe” or an “aura.” It can be positive or negative just as a person can lose it or gain it throughout his or her life.

The idea of mana stems from the Polynesia area which is located between California and Australia. Over 1,000 years ago in this area, as boats were being built to expand across the sea, mana was mainly attributed to power. A powerful person may have become powerful due to the amount of mana he or she possessed. Ceremonies were held to obtain more mana or perhaps to simply acknowledge the mana in certain relics.

Now, mana can still mean power but it digs deeper than simply one’s social or professional position. It can mean the amount of power one has to influence others. Yes, this can come from holding a high status, but it can also come from within – from positive energy and good intentions.

It is important to “tap in” to your mana on a regular basis. This can be done through dance, meditation, prayer, and more! The more you tap in to it, the more you can hold onto it, and the more you can grow from it. The best way for someone who is not from this area to tap into (or discover!) his or her mana may even be to go visit.

Learn more about mana and about the beautiful islands of French Polynesia here.

View an upcoming opportunity to see this region here.

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