Adventure and Your Travel Agent

Adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular with all travelers, but especially with the younger set hungry for new experiences in exotic locations. With social media sharing as its impetus, any and all corners of the globe are accessible for those with the stamina, finances and inspiration to make memories that will remain an inspiration for the duration of their respective days. The drive of being able to share your personal adventure with others is now a propelling force in travelers who are constantly looking for bigger, better and more daring.

The new wave of world travelers are not interested in rigid itineraries, dress up dinners and tourist stops. They hunger for things people have not seen before and will tackle rugged terrain, unusual weather and physically demanding activities to own the experience.  For those willing to step outside there comfort zone expedition trips are a departure from the mundane and an addictive option to the clickity-clack world of work and business.

All this being said, Travel Agents are still the hub in which the travel experience spins. They act as the key holders to unlock the magical doors of adventure and excitement. While prospective trips look and feel amazing on paper and in the ‘dream state’ the reality is an entirely different story. Take into consideration the flights, transfers, lodging. Then think about visas, passports, embassies and location specific rules and regulations. After all of the aforementioned, then the real work begins in contacting tour operators, guides, and specialists that can help to make the travelers wanderlust day dreams a concrete reality.

While ‘adventure travel’ and its proponents are changing the way people travel, the premise remains the same. Escape the usual and travel to the unusual. Get your blood pumping and engage in something that will change the way you perceive the world. Call or find a travel agent so when your journey begins you will have an advocate who can work with you in building your escape from the everyday, while offering the support and knowledge required to do it right.


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