Van Zile Travel’s Glen and Marilyn Peters South American and Antarctic Voyage – Blog #10

Letter #10, on the Prinsendam.

After leaving the Amazon River we headed north, crossed the Equator, weather hot with day time temps near 90, with the sun rise at 6:10 am and sun set at 6:15 pm. We get rain showers several times each day now, but they don’t last more than 30 minutes. On March 7th we arrive early morning at the island of Guadeloupe (a French Island) 8 of us hire a driver and spend almost 3 hours touring the island, seeing  waterfalls in the jungle and a fantastic beach over 2 miles long in addition to the city itself. At 12:45 pm we return to the ship, yes it rained again. On board at night we have “Pirates Night” and the dining room comes alive with a Pirate theme, the ship throws a theme party most every week to keep things lively aboard!

One more day at sea before we visit the island of Bridgetown on the island of Barbados; we have been at this island many times, and so we just go ashore for one hour and return to the ship. The following day March 8th we arrive early morning on the island of St. Maarten we are the smallest ship in size among the 8 other monsters ships at dock with us. The small city comes alive with ship passengers today and by 5:30pm all but one ship has returned to the sea heading to other ports in the Caribbean. We will be at sea for 2 days until finally reaching Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Saturday and that will complete our 67 day sailing of the “Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage” for 2017. We sure had a great time with all our 32 Ensemble Travelers and all the other great passengers we have met on board the Holland America Prinsendam!

I hope you have enjoyed the blogs I wrote along the way.

Your sea reporter,

Glen Peters


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