Blog # 4 February 1, 2016

We are at sea for one more day before reaching the port of Reunion and the next day we will be in Mauritius, both close together in the Indian Ocean. Then, it will be 7 days of sailing before reaching Perth in Australia. Still enjoying good weather each day in the mid-70’s with a 15 mile wind pushing us along. We have received short in duration rain showers for the past few days. But in 30 minutes the sky clears and the sun again shines bright and the temp returns to mid 70’s.

When we have sailing days we have a full day of scheduled interested speakers, at least two of them in the morning and one or two in the afternoon. Today for example we had Professor Gloria Barnett with her second lecture on Marine Animal Behavior with slides or short video’s.  Then followed at 11:00am pilot Rick Reynolds of the Concorde and he will be speaking with 8 sessions of the history and the reason the plane no longer is flying. He also has short movie clips. All lectures last 45 minutes. This afternoon we will have classical concert with a pianist & saxophonist at 2 pm. In the evenings we have live music in many areas on the ship. A harpist, and the Tiffany Quartet of strings, 4 different piano players, a 7 member dance orchestra and a 8 members of the ships orchestra’s plus a 4 member Caribbean band. There is live music throughout the ship each and every night.

February 3rd. We arrive at the island of Reunion, a new call for the ship. This is a French speaking Island a very tropical rich island with a population of 845,000 islanders. We sign -up for a 4.5 hour city tour. We depart the pier with a full coach load of guests. At 40 minutes we arrive at the seaside city of Reunion. We visit a city park and the museum at one end of the park. We are then bussed to a large handy craft building with hundreds of the locals offering their handy crafts for sale, the building is so crowded it is hard to find a walk-way from one stall to the next. We then walk on one of the side streets with homes built as they are in France with enclosed rear yards brimming with flowers and vegetable gardens. Most all homes are two stories high. Very narrow sidewalks with all kinds of shops offering all kinds of items for sale on the main floor. We then walked on two streets to our meeting spot for our transport back to the ship. We arrive back at the port gates at 3:30 pm. This evening we are treated to a fantastic illusionist for a full 45 minutes. Shortly afterward we leave the port and head to our next stop of Port Louis, Mauritius, the ship reaches port at 6:30am. We spend all day just staying aboard the ship, we are just too tired to go ashore today. When we leave port after the evening meal on February 4th. We will now be at sea for 7 days until reaching Fremantle the port for Perth, Australia.

I should say at this time the ship has been invaded by the Nora Virus for over 5 days and many passengers are confined to their staterooms for 3 or 4 days. Luckily, none of our group has been effected by this illness as of this time.  The ship has set in motion a strict personal hygiene protocol, particularly by hand washing frequently throughout the day and evening. Bottles of the hand sanitizer are located throughout the ship to help stomp out this viral condition.

The evening’s entertainment each and every night has been outstanding & thus far we have had a great variety of entertainers with a good mix of performers. This evening we have a variety program, staring magician Philip Hitchcock and then a great vocalist Jacqui Scott from England’s West End.

Your on the scene blog reporter,

Glen Peters

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Travel Trends for 2016


We’re already at the end of January in 2016. There are many anticipated travel trends this year. Technological advances, Bleisure Travel, lower fuel costs, and the rise of no-frill airline travel options are just a few of the reasons to look into your dream vacation. Businesses are realizing the value of doing business face to face. This year is the time to make it happen.

According to Patrick Surry, research analyst at Hopper, a travel-data firm, fuel prices haven’t been this low since 2004. This obviously will be reflected in airfare prices. This has caused airlines to look for special ways to compete for travelers. You will witness the rise of airlines adding no-frill fares such as Norwegian Air, American Airlines, and international airfare competition because of WOW air.

Travelers are becoming savvier while taking advantage of lower airfares and looking for destinations where using US dollars will be financially advantageous. Timing of course, is everything. You need to plan ahead. If you have frequent flyer miles, use them up before they expire. Bookings may have blackout dates and must be planned as well in advance as possible. If you can’t use your miles to fly, there may be alternative options. United Airlines has a new shop in Newark Airport. Their Mileage Plus members can spend their points at the shop and certain restaurants as well as some bars in the terminal. Other airlines offer alternatives as well. If you are taking a standard domestic travel trip, it is best to shop for 3-6 weeks ahead of your trip. Planning a European vacation? International travelers need to look for flights up to 6 months in advance. Using a professional travel service to advise you when to book for your specific destination is very advantageous. For any trip it is imperative to get good travelers insurance. Don’t rely on clicking your way through online sites and getting insurance. You need professional guidance that can thoroughly explain and can aid in reinforcing that policy if it is needed.

Technology is now influencing the travel industry more than ever. According to Euromonitor, 25% of new TV’s are internet-enabled. By the end of 2016, 75% of the televisions will be. This will allow internet TV channels and sponsoring travel programs to establish an even bigger presence. Now apps will be available right from your television. Serbia has an application called, “Serbia from the Heart,” that is currently on Samsung smart TV’s to promote its tourism. A large majority of airlines offer Wi-Fi. You may step onto a brand new 737 and be surprised not to see a television on the seat in front of you. Seat-back displays cost thousands of dollars. These displays also add significant weight to an airplane which causes it to burn fuel more quickly. Having travelers streamline video is far less expensive. Confirm whether your carrier has televisions or not to prepare for your flight. Any parent knows that a couple of Sponge Bob Square Pants shows can make or break a trip! You may need to bring your technology with you and use the airline’s Wi-Fi. Apps are being used more frequently to open up experiences and add content for Celebrity cruises. Their app even enables passengers to stay in touch with their travel companions. Travel companies have started to try out Virtual Reality, VR, in many ways. They use this to give potential guests a true feeling of what to expect from a travel destination. Other large internet conglomerates are making this not only accessible, but consumable.

The travel industry is doing everything they can to cater to every traveler. Millennial travelers refers to people born between the early 1980’s until the early 2000’s. These people are entering their prime travel years. They want lots of technology; great Wi-Fi, apps, and accessibility to various technology channels. They are more likely to take their friends and social media comments to determine where they will travel and stay. Millennial travelers tend to want more social lobby areas and above all a unique hotel experience. Hilton is taking this seriously. They now have a mid-priced hotel branded, “Tru,” that has smaller guest rooms and larger lobby areas. They also now have hotels that are more upscale, that have a “hip vibe” called Canopy. Look for some new options with Marriott and other hotel chains as well.

A Bleisure traveler, somebody who is combining a business and leisure trip, has the opportunity to bring their family on a great vacation. Hotels are seeing and investing in their kid programs to make them more extensive. Bleisure travelers want their kids to create special memories and not just go to a kid program sitting around watching videos and eating cookies. Now the Westin Family Kids Club is using nature-themed artwork, and even a vertical garden where kids can actually garden! The Ritz-Carlton is focusing on environmental responsibility and culture. Bali even has a children’s spa time with morning stretching, active alternatives like soccer, and even Balinese dance! Hotels are now seeing the value to offering more wellness options for travelers. More hotels are opening spas and restaurants on site. Their kids programs are much more extensive.

The travel industry continues to grow. Take advantage of all the new trends in 2016. Have a great trip!

Blog # 3 January 21, 2016

During the days at sea we have had some great guests speakers. Both entertaining and educational, a sample January 18th. We had a police detective who help solve the great gold robbery in Great Britain. Two different ¾ hour lecture with photos, another speaker talked about WWII German submarine warfare and the response from the allies forces. Another war camera crew who covered the capture of Baghdad and the fate of Saddam, these reporters were actually in Baghdad when the bombs fell like rain form above. To date we have had at least 4 cocktail parties with the Captain and senior officers and tomorrow we have been invited to have lunch at the premium intimate restaurant named the Verandah Restaurant. On January 21 we have a cocktail party with the Captain and seniors officers at 7:45pm in the Queens Room. Then on the 24th we have our first function with the Ensemble members aboard with an evening meal in the Verandah Restaurant for all those sailing on the full world cruise including wine with us, plus each Ensemble guest will receive a special surprise gift at the dinner.

As the ship heads south we encounter a 20 mile wind over the decks from the south that cools off the outside decks for summer games to some degree, but swimming is most affected because of the cool winds. On 1/21 we pass the island of Jamestown, Saint Helena in the lower Atlantic Ocean, the island is solid rock, and really juts out from the water while rising nearly 3000 feet. The island was first discovered by sailors in the 15th century. Now only 4,500 people live on the island. Napoleon Bonaparte lived on the island in his later years and actually died there. As we sailed near the island our entertainment director, Amanda Reid told the story and the history of this island over the PA system. In 3 days we will arrive at Walvis Bay, Nibia. This city is on the western lower tip of South Africa and is sand as far as the eye can see, we are the only ship in port and really not much to see or do, so we don’t leave the ship, our next stop will be Cape Town.

Before we reach Cape Town we purchase a two day ‘Hop on Hop Off’ bus ticket from the shore sales dept. They sell the tickets at the very same price if we purchased the tickets on shore, so this saves us time and we don’t have to wait in line on shore. We board the bus as soon as we reach the boarding area and get a great seat on the upper deck of the bus. The tour takes us on an inner city route, and a short jaunt into the county side before ending almost 2 hours later. Again just before 6:00 pm. We set sail to our next port, that being Cape Town South Africa. Again, today we are the only ship in the city of Cape Town.

We will spend two nights and three days here. The city has several historic sites. Again, ‘Hop on Hop Off’ is the best value for shore sightseeing. With two different routes the first line we board is the blue line then we find out that they also have a yellow line which just stops at city sights, finally we decide to ride the red line with one of the stops being the base cable way to the top of Table Top Mountain. But to our displeasure the cable car is not running because of dense fog at the top, so we get the next red route bus back down, We have never been able to catch the right time to get to the top of Table Top Mountain.

About just after 3:00pm we are taking a free harbor tour and we can see the top of the mountain is clear, so we rush to get the next red bus back up the mountain, get in line to by our ticket and the lady says that the fog is filling in fast and the cable car is about to be shut down again, so we still haven’t seen the top of the mountain! As we sail out of Cape Town in Africa, our next port of call is Port Elizabeth which is at the very tip of Africa, sailing through the Cape of Good Hope with just 3 foot of waves, no rough water today. This is one of the two most famous areas in the seas noted for very bad sailing weather. The other is the cape of Good Horn at the tip of South America. During the early days of sailing ships many ships sunk taking many sailors to their watery grave.

January 29th, early morning the ship arrives at the port entrance to Port Elizabeth, this is another port the ship has never sailed into before. We sign up for a 7 hour wild animals game preserve excursion. We see at least 20 different type of totally wild animals. We travel miles into this game preserve in a 4 x 4 jeep type of transport with a guide who knows this 25,000 acre preserve. We stop for a bush lunch and then head out again for another 2 hour safari before heading back to the ship. This day was an exciting event! We saw lions, elephants, some as close as 20 feet away from the jeep, wart hogs, hippo’s giraffes, and many more. When we got back to the ship we all just fell into bed for a couple hours, but we have some great video film. As I finish this Blog our time is 11:15pm. Back on the east coast it is 3:15 pm on Saturday. That will bring everyone up to date. And yes, the temp today at noon was 87 degrees.

Your Sea reporter,

Glen Peters

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No Vacation Nation: 41% of Americans Didn’t Take a Day off in 2015




It is that time of the year again: mid winter and dreaming of holidays. Alas, Americans do dream aplenty but take little action after.

That much is clear from the surveys Skift has done over the last few years, and the latest survey proves it out once again, sadly.

Japan’s Ski Resorts Struggle Against El Niño and Declining Interest
1 week ago
In a new survey conducted over the first few days of 2016, we asked Americans about how much vacation they took in the just-finished 2015, and the topline result is as predictable as it is shocking: nearly 41 percent of Americans said they didn’t take a single vacation day during 2015, almost exactly the same number that said that about 2014 when we did the survey then. Almost 17 percent said they took fewer than five vacation days — a pitifully low number — in 2015, .

On the other end of the spectrum, about 13 percent of Americans said they took more than 20 vacation days last year.

By Rafat Alie

Isn’t it time you called Van Zile Travel today!? Be one of the 59%!

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What Travelers Need To Know About the Zika Virus

On January 15, 2016 the United States CDC upgraded their travel notice for Zika virus to Alert Level 2 (practice enhanced precautions). Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, and symptoms include fever, headache, red eyes, rash, and joint pain. The illness is usually mild and lasts between 2-7 days. However, the alert specifically references women who are pregnant or who are trying to become pregnant. ( The notice currently only affects specific cruises calling in to certain Caribbean, Central America, and South America countries. However, the situation is evolving so please regularly check the affected areas via the following links: and Guests are reminded to take enhanced precautions against biting insects by covering exposed skin, and using insect repellent. Comprehensive health information can be found at:

Courtesy of Princess Cruises.

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Why You Should Call Your Travel Agent

The Five Most Important Things To Tell Your Clients – By Ruthanne Terrero


  1. You are not bothering me if you just need an airline ticket and a hotel in Chicago. I can indeed book more than just your exotic annual vacations and will do so gladly. Plus, I will likely have access to free amenities at the hotel that you might not find on your own because of my industry connections.


  1. If something goes amiss when you’re on your trip, call me immediately so I can fix it. Don’t be shy and say you didn’t want to make a fuss. You’ve paid money for this vacation and I’m your advisor for a reason. Little things that mar the experience can typically be fixed quite easily and that’s what I’m here for.


  1. When you compare the vacation packages I’ve offered you with what’s available via an online travel agency or discount website, please know that you’re probably not comparing apples to apples. The hotel I’ve selected is in a locale I think you will like, based on what you’ve told me. The room I have reserved for you is guaranteed in its category, meaning when you check in, you won’t be given inferior accommodations, based on the desk attendant’s mood. Plus, if you’re looking at a website that brags that it has the lowest pricing available, you’ll likely be getting the lowest quality room available. Trust me.


  1. When you’re online and you see a deal that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Travel companies don’t give away things for no reason. Is there small print you’re not reading because you’re so excited about the price you’re seeing? Do bring any deals you see to my attention and I promise to give you my best expert opinion as to what you’d actually get for your money.


  1. Do make travel a priority in your life. Every moment is precious and if you keep putting off that family vacation or that couple’s getaway, you may never do it and only end up with regrets. Let me craft a trip for you that will make the most of your time together so you’ll end up with fabulous memories. Live for the now; who knows what tomorrow will bring?




Blog #2    January 15, 2016

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean we Arrive in Southampton on Sunday the 12th. Had a seamless transfer over to the Queen Elizabeth, unpacked again and at 6:30pm. We meet our new table companions’ a table set for 6 at a window location, In the Britannia Restaurant. Then at just after 8:00pm we got underway. For this World Cruise we have a lady captain. The first night out we encountered some rough weather in the Bay of Biscay and the ship did rock quite a bit. On the following day seas were back to normal and we are headed to warmer weather heading south.

Our first port of call is the island of Madeira with the capital city being Funchal. We decide to purchase tickets for the Hop on Hop off sightseeing bus. These buses are becoming very popular for tourists to see the area both cities and the country side. We arrive in Madeira shortly after 6:30am. Somewhat cloudy but temp is in mid-60’s. We eat breakfast grab our sweater and the camera and depart the ship at 9:00am. Catch the shuttle bus at the terminal and proceed into the city of Funchal and look for the hop on hop off red bus we see it just about a block away. Shortly after boarding we leave just as soon as the bus in loaded. The route loop last just a little over one and a half hour. This island is very hilly with narrow streets and houses built very close to the road, our driver twists and turns like he has been driving for quite a long time. After driving through the large city we then head for the country, again even in the country it is very hilly. No usable plots of land no matter how small are wasted mostly planted with bananas, and they are planted everywhere. Did I mentioned it is very hilly? We climb several thousand feet and still climb more. The views are everywhere with steep valleys separating another peak. Returning to the city we catch the shuttle bus and return to the ship just in time for lunch. When all the ships tour busses return, the time is shortly after 4:30pm our captain reports all passengers are aboard and we set sail for our next port of call just an over nigh sailing until reaching Gran Canaria off the coast of northern Africa.

January 15th. Just shortly after 7:00am. We slide into our berth at Gran Canaria, tighten all morning lines & within 20 minutes we are allowed to go ashore. Again today we purchased Hop on Hop off tickets and we are one of the first people to board & we get the front seats on the upper deck, a great location for taking video. This city is not nearly as hilly but is packed with homes and business structures as the last island, but streets are just as narrow and winding as Funchal. Shortly after 12:30pm. We return to the pier and board. After the evening meal we take our seats for the evening’s entertainment & tonight we are treated to an amazing magician, really one of the best we have seen, for over 45 minutes he had the audience in the palm of his hand with magic that we have never seen before.

For the next several day we will be at sea and will be crossing the Equator. Everyone now is in summer clothing and the pools are getting a daily workout along with sun bathers. Time now for a few details, we have just under 2000 passengers aboard. Today we receive a list of the nationalities sailing, 119 Americans, 70 Australians, British 1430, 42 Canadians 13 French, 147 Germans 25 Irish, 14 Japanese, 16 South African, 12 Swiss & a sampling of 17 other Countries. Overall the Queen Elizabeth is in sparkling conditions both inside and out, some new improvements in areas that we thought were great back in 2014, all rooms now have flat screen 40inch TV’s. More of the open back deck is now covered to reduce the heat and add shade during hot weather. Last night we had two bands join together forming a 15 member dance band, With thing like this, the dance bands are back & the Queens Room was packed, and the 12 o’clock midnight buffet, opens at 10:30 not midnight offering over 30 food choices & fresh fruit seldom seen on most other ships.

January 19th. Today just after noon we cross the Equator and King Neptune was able to board the ship, We had a lot of Polly wags cruisers and staff that have never crossed the Equator before and they were dully entered as Shellbacks after paying the price of all sorts of stuff let over from the kitchen for a few days, including fresh eggs broken over the heads of the girls into their hair. Then all new shellbacks were tossed into the pool. Needless to say we are now enjoying hot weather and both swimming pools are getting a good workout.

From your sea reporter,

Glen Peters

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Aviation police: ‘No guns’ policy a threat to travelers

airport security                     By Scott Zamost and Drew Griffin, CNN Investigations
Updated 10:23 PM ET, Tue January 19, 2016

(CNN)Citing continuing threats to airports around the country, aviation police sergeants at Chicago’s two airports are demanding they be allowed to carry guns while on duty.

The Illinois Council of Police, in a letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, said the current policy, which prohibits all aviation police officers from carrying a gun, puts them and the public in danger.

“At a time when threats to our airports and other vulnerable entities within the United States are at its greatest, we renew our request that these fine officers be given authority to carry a firearm as part of their duty gear as is the norm at all other major airports within the United States for their safety and that of the public at large,” said the letter from union President Norm Frese.

Read the letter

The letter follows a CNN investigation that revealed aviation police are not armed and are told to “run and hide” in the event of an active shooter or other threat at both O’Hare and Midway. Many of those officers are either military veterans or work in suburban police departments.

CNN Investigations
Email your story ideas and tips to

A long-standing policy prohibits aviation police officers from carrying a gun even though they are certified law enforcement officers. About 300 of them work along with armed officers from the Chicago Police Department, which is the primary law enforcement agency at O’Hare and Midway.

“We submit to you that the current approach to law enforcement by the aviation police, specifically concerning responses to terrorist or other threats, is seriously flawed in that they are handicapped in their duties because of a lack of a firearm,” the Illinois Council of Police letter said.

It said the current policy “that seeks to avoid an aviation officer from becoming part of the response makes it more dangerous for themselves and the public at one of the largest airports in the United States.”

Richard Bruno, vice president of the Illinois Council of Police, which represents the 28 aviation police sergeants, said all that would need to be done is a policy change to allow officers and supervisors to carry a gun at the airports.

“It is a danger to the public,” Bruno told CNN. “First of all, you are in a uniform, and you have the authority of a policeman. Guess what people think — you are a policeman.”

The union that represents the aviation police officers at the two airports also has demanded that they be allowed to carry a gun.

Previously, the deputy communications director of the Chicago Aviation Department told CNN that the department thinks “the strategy in place is working.”

In a statement to CNN, Owen Kilmer wrote that with “the current security structure in place, violent crime incidents at O’Hare and Midway airports are extremely low — ensuring that the millions of passengers who fly through Chicago each year feel secure at the airports.”

Matt Brandon, the secretary/treasurer of Local 73 of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), told CNN that no commitment was made to change the no-guns policy when he met last week with Ginger Evans, the Chicago aviation department’s commissioner.

Brandon, in an e-mail sent Tuesday to Evans, again criticized the department’s “run and hide” directive given to aviation police officers for handling active shooters.

“I also told you that because of the training that these Law Enforcement Officers receive that it would be fatal for any APO (aviation police officer) in the vicinity of an ‘active shooter’ because they would be the first ones targeted because they are a uniformed presence,” Brandon’s e-mail said.

“You then explained to me that you rely on statistical data that suggests that because there has been no attack on O’Hare and Midway Airports that the likelihood of such an event occurring was low. I referenced the fact that no airplanes had been hijacked and purposely flown into skyscrapers before 9/11, but once was enough to cost thousands of innocent people their lives. You took exception to that and explained your background of having worked with federal authorities immediately after that horrible incident but I’ve always been taught to be proactive, not reactive. That’s what saves lives Commissioner.”

Asked for a comment about the meeting, an aviation department spokesman told CNN in an e-mail, “We don’t provide details on private conversations.”

Repeated requests from CNN for a comment from Emanuel have gone unanswered

Hello to all,   January 7, 2016. Well, we are back at sea again sailing on the Cunard Queen Mary2 toward Southampton England. When we arrive on the 10th. We will board the Queen Elizabeth to start our 121 day trip around the world. As we glide over the water in the Atlantic Ocean on this last Ocean liner most likely that ever will be built! There is no other Ocean Liner sailing the 7 seas any longer. An ocean liner is built much heavier than a cruise ship and is built to slide through the worlds oceans even in rough waters, where as a cruise ship is designed to sail in warm waters and is built to ride over the waves and has a flat bottom and only sails in summer and fall and a few winter cruises in the North Atlantic, believe me there is a very noticeable difference in the ride. Queen Mary2 can reach a cruising speed of up to 29 knots where as a cruise ship can only reach a speed of 17 to 20 knots, wide open.

As we sail east in the North Atlantic I will tell you some facts about this ship. She was built and made her first transatlantic crossing  in 2004 and has become the most famous and fastest ocean liner now sailing in the world, and is the tallest, fastest  ocean liner ship in operation today with the distinction of being the most expensive Ocean Liner ever built!  In length she is 1,132 feet long and weighs 150,000 thousand gross tons. In her now13 years of service she has sailed the equivalent of three time to the moon and back. She is a marvel of efficiency in today’s standards of sea going passengers ships. Queen Mary2 is the only passenger ship with a constructed  Planetarium aboard !

When we left NYC for this 7 day crossing they loaded 58 tons of fresh fruit & vegetables, 14 tons of red meat, 9 tons of chicken, duck & turkey, 15 tons of fish and seafood, 2.5 tons of dairy & cheese products, 2.5 tons of sugar,24,000 liters of milk, 37,800 eggs,5 tons of flour & 2.5 tons of rice. When the ship is full of guests, and we are 90% + full the kitchen staff will prepare 16,000 meals daily.

Just about 5:00 p.m. we have our mandatory  life boat drill for all passengers. At 6:00 p.m. we set down to our first meal aboard in the Britannia Restaurant, which has 4 levels. Then just past 9:00pm we take in all morning lines and head out into the main shipping lane of the Hudson River and glide past the illuminated in white lights, the Statue of Liberty, truly a great symbol of a large population of the free world. Then 45 minutes later we pass under the Verrazano Bridge, Captain Wells tells us we clear the bridge by just 12 feet of clearance. Then 30 minutes later we head in an easterly direction and just a short time later we are in total darkness. The Atlantic Ocean is very smooth with only one foot of waves. We most likely won’t see any sight of the human race until we reach the shores of England Channel 7 days from now.

So, we begin our total of 135 days of  this World Cruise from NYC back to NYC + 2 days travel time by train.

Your sea reporter,
Glen Peters

WASHINGTON — The TSA Pre✓® application program has reached a new milestone with more than 2 million travelers enrolled. TSA Pre✓®, which opened its first application center in December 2013, now has more than 350 application centers nationwide, including locations at 38 airports.

“We are pleased to announce this milestone as the continued growth of the trusted traveler population allows us to better focus our resources on high-risk, unknown passengers, while facilitating travel for low-risk individuals,” said TSA Administrator Peter Neffenger. “We look forward to the continued expansion of TSA Pre✓® as we continue our drive towards having more travelers directly enrolled in trusted traveler programs.”

TSA Pre✓®, an expedited screening program that began in October 2011, enables identified low-risk travelers to enjoy a smart and efficient screening experience. For TSA Pre✓® travelers, there is no need to remove shoes, 3-1-1 liquids, laptops, light outerwear or belts. In 2015, TSA Pre✓® operations began at 48 new airports. Today, TSA Pre✓® has more than 450 lanes at 167 U.S. airports.

The TSA Pre✓® application program allows U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents to directly apply for TSA Pre✓®. Once approved, travelers will receive a “Known Traveler Number” and will have the opportunity to utilize TSA Pre✓® lanes at select security checkpoints when flying on the 13 carriers that currently participate in TSA Pre✓®: Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, OneJet, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines, Virgin America and WestJet. TSA continues to work with industry to expand the number of airlines participating in TSA Pre✓®.

Travelers may also enroll in one of three trusted traveler programs offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI. Members of these programs are eligible to participate in TSA Pre✓® and do not need to apply separately; once successfully enrolled in a CBP trusted traveler program, participants must utilize their “PASSID” as their Known Traveler Number.

To learn more about TSA Pre✓®, visit For more information about the four trusted traveler programs that offer TSA Pre✓® eligibility, visit


The Transportation Security Administration was created to strengthen the security of the nation’s transportation systems and ensure the freedom of movement for people and commerce. TSA uses a risk-based strategy and works closely with transportation, law enforcement and intelligence communities to set the standard for excellence in transportation security.

For more information about TSA, please visit our website at

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