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Quality Control in Travel

Please read our salesperson, Kristen Heyen Noble’s latest article on Travel Quality Control and how new credit card legislation is impacting business travel.

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Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

As you and your family prepare to brave the highways and airways for the upcoming holidays, VanZile Travel would like to remind you of some obvious but not always remembered tips. We hope that these gentle reminders will make your holiday journey no matter the distance, safe and successful.

  • Stay Aware: Wherever your travel plans take you, chances are it’s going to be busy and hectic. Your electronics (cell phone, iPod, etc) should always stay stowed and your focus should be on the journey at hand. Whether it is at the mall, grocery store or navigating a parking lot at the airport your focus should be on pedestrians and other travelers that may be distracted from their own business.
  • Have a Designated Driver: It doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘harmless’ after work social drink or an all night major holiday gathering. If alcohol is involved you owe it to yourself and other families to make arrangements for a Designated Driver to be available to you and to others in need.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Children: The holidays are the time where attention spans get shorter, kids like to wander and the amount of people out in public places grows. It is vital that those with children keep an awareness of not only the location of their kids, but of other children that may be lost or in need of assistance.
  • Slow Down: No event, no matter how big or small is worth endangering your life or the lives of others. Take a breath, relax and remember wherever you are attempting to go will still be there even if its 10 minutes after your intended time.
  • Wash and Sanitize: Cold and flu season is in full swing and your greatest defense is to wash and sanitize your hands at every possible moment. Most likely everything you will encounter has been handled by someone else. Touching money, store items and dolling out family hugs and kisses are bound to spread some holiday germs so make sure you stay diligent and healthy by staying clean.
  • Prepare for Weather: Tis the season for ice, slush, snow and salt. Make sure you leave for your destinations early and your preferred method of travel is prepared for any unexpected weather emergency. For your road vehicle, it is advisable that you have a ‘car kit’, with essentials such as flares, blankets, munchies, flashlights and tools for any trouble you may encounter on the busy highways.
  • Keep Rested: Get sleep. By staying clear headed, especially on long trips your reaction time will not diminish and your stress level will remain at a minimum.
  • Expect Extra Security Measures: If you travel by car, train or plane chances are you will encounter added security to protect you and your fellow travelers. Please practice patience as the measures you will encounter are a product of the world we now live in. Officials will be on high alert for suspicious activity and so should you.

VanZile Travel hopes that these few above reminders will encourage you to not only have an amazing and happy travel season, but enable you to enjoy many more holiday seasons to come.

-Stephen Lewis

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Marriott to buy Starwood Hotels!

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Travel Quality Control

Van Zile uses state of the art technology to send all of its corporate business travel reservations through. Any time a price has gone down since we booked for you, we will change your reservation to get you the lower price. We are always looking for ways to save your company money!

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Travel Tips: Travel Incentives Promote A Positive Work Environment

Read Van Zile Travel’s latest article on Travel Incentive Programs written by their Sales Executive Kristen Heyen Noble

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Bleisure Travel



Milena Veselinovic wrote a great article for CNN using a new term that will definitely hit urbon dictionaries, “Bleisure” travel. Read on to learn about the trend of combining business with leisure travel!



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Amazon QUITS Booking Hotel Reservations

Read a great article by Cheryl Rosen!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

vzt2ndphotoVan Zile Travel shows support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by wearing pink on Monday’s!

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GBTA, Global Business Travel Association

IMG_0630I attended a very enjoyable and informative dinner at the GBTA meeting last night with Katie Carroll, National Sales account Executive from Delta Airlines!

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